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I have multiple statements from multiple doctors; may I send one check that pays all of them?Top

We cannot except checks for multiple providers, however if you use our online bill payment system you can make one transaction to pay multiple doctors.

If you would like to send multiple checks in one envelope feel free to do so, but remember to provide the top portion of each statement that a payment is being made on.

Are you a part of the hospital or physician group?Top

No, we are a privately owned service provider that specializes in medical billing, medical management, and physician services.

Can I make a payment plan?Top

We will be happy to assist you in creating a scheduled payment plan. Please contact a customer service representative at 1-219-738-6726 or 1-219-769-4924

Why do I have more that one account number?Top

Typically you should have one patient number for your length of stay in the hospital. However you may have multiple accounts because we need to separate each provider who provided service to you during your stay at the hospital.

I have Medicaid why did I get a bill?Top

It is possible that we did not receive the Medicaid information from the hospital. If you received a statement and you have Medicaid, please contact our customer service staff at 1-219-738-6726 or 1-219-769-4924

Do you file out of state Medicaid?Top

We file Medicaid in the state that your provider is contracted in. If you have Medicaid from a state other than the state you had services provided in, please contact our customer service staff at 1-219-738-6726 or 1-219-769-4924

Is my Doctor in Network?Top

Unfortunately this isn’t an easy answer with all the different insurance networks that are available today. Please check with your insurance carrier for this answer. If our doctor is not in your network, contact our customer service department at1-219-738-6726 or 1-219-769-4924 to review your options.

When is my payment due?Top

Your payment due date can be found on your statement. If you have lost your statement please contact our customer service staff at1-219-738-6726 or 1-219-769-4924.

I gave the hospital my insurance information why don't you have it?Top

Generally the hospital provides us with the patient/responsible party information that you provided to them at the time you registered. If you provided the hospital with updated information later this information will not be forwarded to us.

What is your fax number?Top

Please send your faxes to (219) 738-6716.