Introducing CDS Care

Medical Billing Software

Care Medical Billing Software.

Cloud based software that is secure, fast, and easy to use.

Complete Claims Life Cycle ManagementRegister your patients, capture patient co-pays at time of service, send your insurance claims and post your payments electronically. Use our clearing house to print and mail your patient statements to reduce costs and material in your office.

Appointment SchedulingManage multiple physicians, locations, resources, and patient appointments with an easy to use drag and drop, point and click calendar.

Eligibility CheckingCheck patient coverage and payment status at the time of the visit, appointment scheduling, or before claim submission to reduce billing errors and increase collection.

Secure Encyrpted MessagingSend HIPAA compliant messages between your staff, other physicians, and patients with our messaging service.

Document ImagingDocument rentention services are expensive and document retrieval is time consuming, by storing your documents electronically you reduce the space and cost to store them, and increase the speed at which you can look up historical data.

Coding AssistUse our library of up to date ICD10 codes, our knowledge base, and or predictive coding algorithm to augment the amount of work your coding staff can do.

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