We can provide over 40 years of experience.

Medical Billing Services

Medical Management & Physician Services.

We provide services to hospitals, groups, and individual providers.

Outsourcing your medical billing services provides you the ability to focus on patient care instead of claims management and support. We've been in business for over 40 years, and haved worked with physicians in almost every specialty. Our experienced team of medical billers and coders can provide you fast and accurate claims management, and our patient support staff is always ready to answer all of your patient's billing questions.

Put your focus on your patients.
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Our medical billing services include:
  • Electronic Claims Submission & Payment Retrieval
  • Practice Analysis & Reporting
  • Coding & Coding Audit Services
  • Contracting & Credentialing
  • Credit Balance Refunding
  • Insurance Services
  • Mail Processing
  • Patient & Insurance Services
  • Precollection
  • Document Rentention