FDA Approves Updated mRNA Vaccines for Enhanced COVID-19 Protection

In a recent development, the FDA has authorized the emergency use of updated Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccines. These updates have been carefully formulated to better target the currently circulating variants of the virus. The primary goal is to provide increased protection against severe consequences of COVID-19, including hospitalization and mortality.

Changes to the vaccine include:

  • These updated vaccines now include a monovalent (single) component tailored to the Omicron variant XBB.1.5.
  • The CDC strongly recommends these updated COVID-19 vaccines for individuals aged 6 months and older.

In addition to the vaccine updates, there have been some changes to the CPT codes for COVID-19-related services:

New CPT Codes Effective September 11, 2023:

  • 90480 – COVID-19 Vaccine Administration
  • 91318 – COVID-19 Vaccine, 3 mcg/0.2 mL
  • 91319 – COVID-19 Vaccine, 10 mcg
  • 91320 – COVID-19 Vaccine, 30 mcg
  • 91321 – COVID-19 Vaccine, 25 mcg
  • 91322 – COVID-19 Vaccine, 50 mcg

It’s important to note that the federal government is not purchasing these products; instead, Medicare Part B covers the drug and its administration under the applicable Medicare Part B payment policy. For the most up-to-date billing codes and related information, please visit the provided link.

Changes to Medicare Coverage:

As of September 12, 2023, Medicare will no longer cover the following CPT Codes:

91312, 91313, 91314, 91315, 91316, 91317, 0121A, 0124A, 0134A, 0141A, 0142A, 0144A, 0151A, 0154A, 0164A, 0171A, 0172A, 0173A, and 0174A.

For further details and additional resources, you can explore the COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Toolkit on the CMS.gov website.

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